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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

So how do you become a better actor? And how can you become a better person?

Allow yourself, to ask yourself... “What is my truth?” “Who am I?” and “What can and am I willing to risk?

To live, to evolve, and to succeed as an individual and performer, a risk to being truthful should be taken.

It means expressing your opinions outside of the acting world and on the stage. Inside and outside the mind. Reacting to the environment in which we are in, and be fearless.

Ann Putnam in The Crucible 2017: Shot by George Wada

Shakespeare says all the world's a stage.

And I believe there's two stages, beautifully combined to express valid and sometimes insane ideas.

The theatrical stage.

And, the world stage.

In a theatrical stage, accepting truth feels free, joyful, uncomfortable and even uneasy. A transformation begins to take form within the actors life.

On the world stage, coming to terms with yourself almost always feels difficult.

Balance is definitely appreciated in our Soma. Soma is Greek for living body. Later in 1976, Thomas Hanna defined it as experiencing from within, both with mind/body integration.

So, how do you become a better actor? And how can you become a better person?

Find a religion. A God loving religion. Read their interpretation of love. Find the truth.

You can begin to believe the necessity of this progress. You'll learn the importance of this experience. With good intentions, and solid objectives, your awareness will be heightened.

I've been able to empathize with a lot of people since I've done the above, and it feels great.

I'm nowhere near perfect, which is what makes my imperfections so much more great. I can work on them!

As an experienced actor, I know each character needs to have a struggle in the scene in order to pull through. To stay in the moment, and be present, and mindful of the relationship I have with the other characters.

Somehow, I've found a way to do this outside of the theatre.

My script is the bible. My character is me. And through the word, I succeed, I fail, I have struggles, and I get back up.

Theatre is one of many stepping-stones in manifesting Gods' strength as individuals. It helps us explore our identity, to live truthfully first in life, then on stage… or vice versa. I would hope the former.

The fear of the unknown is essential in our growth as spiritual and physical beings.

We should be willing to take risks and explore our limits. If all decisions are valid on a stage, so long as you believe and are can truthfully manifest it, so it can be true in our lives.



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