How to overcome those Wedding Blues

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

If you've stumbled across this blog, and happen to be experiencing the same anxiety of postponing your wedding due to COVID-19, you're not alone. My wedding has been postponed, let alone I've decided to cancel having a party. Because I think to myself, "who's actually going to want to travel, if they even can by October, when all this is over?... both legally AND financially."

I swear this whole virus has been a mess.


I began to have serious conversations with my fiancé on our next steps.

We made our initial deposits with the party hall, and the DJ back in January and February of 2020. The dream, the vision, the hope of having a marriage take place in this idea of 2020 had lifted my spirit beyond the moon. Let alone, we booked before we were engaged! He was waiting to get me the ring I wanted from Tiffany and CO, then the pandemic hit hard in the states. Tiffany closed, wedding's were cancelled, supermarkets were packed and I felt like everything was in slow motion as I began to process that the party I had planned was going to flunk.

Apart from maybe this pandemic ending by summer, I have relatives that live in Mexico, that cannot invest into flights or hotels without a 8 month notice... which is why I had booked the venue before getting engaged to advise my family about the news ASAP.

Anyway, we're here to motivate ourselves and figure out a way to find a way out of this and triumph from our loss.

When I had, and still have those serious conversations with my fiancé, he gave me the option to give me the money, and invest it into a business. To this day, I haven't agreed, nor have I mentioned it to him again. Cause I think to myself... "who am I to take his money and make profit off of it."

Then these thoughts happen!

But as I've come to terms with reality, I realized, this can eventually lead to having a bigger party in the future. I would joke to him and my family about having the party 10 years down our matrimony for staying together that long, and now, it just may seem like the best plan. I was so rushed at the time of choosing the venue that I went with the first one that gave me the best price, but I wasn't too happy that they were negotiating me into having their own chef, and baker on site. They have their reasons, but I too, have my own. Even then, I might be able to invest into my families flights and hotel!!

Don't get any ideas fambam...

Ladies, who can relate with their wedding being cancelled or postponed, but feel slightly relieved by having more time to re-think some of the design choices...?

However, even if I start feeling slightly relieved, I get those pre-wedding blues.

I get sad, I'll start to get some tears in my eyes and wish I could have done it the way I had planned. I even had my dress fitting in April, whom thanks to Jesus, my Sister-in-law was at the frontline of that... but by that time, my city was in lockdown.

I've been organizing my pinterest boards since I began to have a dream of that dream wedding. The one where I'd play dress up with my cousins, or be the flower girl and be mesmerized by the flowers, the food and the gown.


I think I'll be getting married through the court next week.

And when the opportunity presents it self to have a party, I'll make sure it can suck COVID's ***. For now, here's to listening to meditative music, baking, painting, blogging, and all the good things to keep my mind off of the world pandemic, but most importantly, my heart break. *sad violin music starts playing*.

ahh I'm just kidding, I'm excited to invest that money into my business.

Till next time.

Take care, keep praying, and live YOUR life.

Can I get an amen?!

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