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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hello Hello!

It has been quite the while since I've uploaded a blog to my website. Between balancing essential chores, personal goals and marketing businesses... I didn't give myself the time to gather up my thoughts.

Can you believe it's June 2021 tomorrow?

Well I can. Because this past weekend I was being pushed around in a cart at Home Depot by my husband for nearly an hour, and I organized my planner. I began to search for interesting holidays celebrated each day. In my mind I wanted to upload fun and quirky graphics to my socials but then I was hit with reality.

June has many awareness holidays. And as a marketing manager, I feel it is my responsibility to bring recognition to these topics. From National Donut Day to D-Day, Juneteenth to National Kissing Day, Global Day of Parents to International Panic Day, June has it all. It is also Black Lives Matter Month and Pride Month.

We also celebrate Beautiful in your Skin Month and Rebuild Your Life Month!

Down below I'll leave a list of AWARENESSES FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE. There are plenty to look through, and some that can also help you create content for your social medias!

Despite many differences in our world today, I aim to always advocate for love. I have been ignorant to important issues in the past, and sometimes mess up in today's present moment. However, when I am held accountable, I willingly accept my wrongs.

My point in the explanation above is that June hit me with a reality check and made me more aware of the awarenesses we should be talking about. PTSD and Infertility are sensitive yet imperative topics to talk about, in order to know how to empathize with one another.

Overall, I'm looking forward to creating and achieving goals for this months content. I recently labeled myself as a #contentcreator, and I can't stand labels... but here I am. *inserts upside down smile emoji*

Currently I am memorizing lines for a theatre show, renovating and creating designs for my home and marketing for my husband's company and SwissJust. Which I'll go further into depth on all those ventures in future blogs.

I hope you look forward to this months content, many resources and promotions will be available. And my voice through these blogs will continue to expand.

See you soon on YouTube!

Thank you for reading through.



  • National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month

  • Great Outdoors Month

  • National Men's Health Month

  • Beautiful in your Skin Month

  • National PTSD Month

  • Oral Health Month

  • World Infertility Awareness Month

  • Rebuild Your Life Month

  • National Safety Month

  • Black Lives Matter Month

  • Pride Month

  • National Aphasia Awareness Month


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