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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

It all began in a church production of Noah's Ark.

I was some sort of angel, that was performing in front of the parents for our CCE class. Possibly, I was 5 years old, I could have been younger or slightly older. The ONLY memory I have about the show is feeding a line to Noah because he forget it, and then he said "hey! That's my line." And to be completely honest, I was inevitably confused because I had just helped the kid from making the show drag on any longer. This, was my religious encounter with theatre.

By the time I was in elementary, I was in Girl Scouts of America (GSA), selling cookies, going to etiquette classes, and performing in small shows. There's a picture of me sitting on stage holding a pig mask... I'm pretty sure we were reenacting Old McDonald. This, was my greek encounter with theatre.

Between my last years of elementary and beginning stage of middle school I was enrolled in dance classes. I danced in a competition, I performed in the annual recital, I began to learn how to move my body up and down a stage with little to no effort to convey a message. Of course, there must be a video of me almost missing a step to Hairspray, but I hope that video is buried in a vault where no one can see it. Luckily my dance parter was super chill about it when I apologized during the scene, and we played it off as if it was meant to be. #loveit This, was my movement encounter with theatre.

At Veterans Memorial High School, I began my passionate career for acting. I acted in 95% of the shows that were produced in the four years I was studying. All at the same time in which I was enrolled in Architecture, and managing the women's varsity basketball team. (I played for the first two years of high school, but decided to be a manager in fear that I would hurt myself and no longer be able to act... to only know what I would encounter in the future...ha)

I competed in UIL One Act Play all four years having been humbly awarded various best actress and all-star cast awards with shows such as "The Last Day of Judas Iscariot", "Harvey" and "Gint" (We performed Gint two separate years of my studies). This, was my absurdist, classical, and comedic encounters with theater.

After graduating high school, I took it upon myself to pack my bags and move to Los Angeles, California where I spent two years studying, performing and learning about the art of acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Due to certain circumstances, I was no longer able to continue my education at AMDA which soon turned out to be the biggest blessing I could ever receive. This, was my film, stage combat, improvisational, and commercial encounter with theatre.

In August of 2016, I transferred and continued my education at The University of North Texas where my motivation to succeed and love for acting only grew stronger and bigger. I was immediately cast in a classical play from Miguel de Cervantes, called the Siege of Numantia, and my career took off.

I was cast in my first paying gig, all thanks to Franky Gonzalez, who to this day continues to inspire me with his hardworking and fruitful endeavors. His mother, whom he wrote the play for, then came up to me saying I was the closest I could have acted to her; I knew nothing about her other than the script I was given. I felt truly blessed and honored she would express such a vulnerable thought.

At UNT, I was in show after show after show. Whether it was community theatre at Sundown, or in a short film from the Student Film Society. I was even cast in a music video! But unfortunately the artist later on deleted it from his youtube channel...

This, was my professional encounter with theatre.

After graduation, I took it upon myself to travel the world, and put acting on pause.

Now, I am a working actor, with a youtube channel, functioning website, and shop available to explore. I'm here for any advise, motivation and encouragement.

Love always,



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